Thursday, January 10, 2008

heyheyheyyyy :]] hmm. i have nothing to talk about. but maybe ugly betty is on tonight!! i have like nooo homework tonight. and thats awesome :] excpet for i have to study for a spanish test. but thats preettyt much itt. tomorrow i have spanish - BLAH science -BLAH BLAH and english -BALHH BLAHHH BLAHHHHH!!!! haha. yaa. today we played flag football. and green totally won!!! we are beastssss fo sho :D weeeelll. i feel like putting a picture in here so i am going to put a picture of niagra falls!!! mkayy. well bye byeeeeeee!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

chicken parmasianana

haha. im about to eat some chicken parmaajrlkeaona however you spell it :D yay! thats my favorite food. well... MEGAN only said hi grace so. hi megan :] uhmm. today i got my haircut. and OH EM GEEE!! ewwieee. to cover up my "blob of skin" as laura calls it. i did some retarded thing... and yeah. it looks pretty bad. ill take a picture and upload it maybe. but that would be kinda freaky if there was somebody stalking me. :o brb. gonna go eat dinner...
kay. back. omg that was the worst chicken pamrajralkea ever!!! i didnt know the crust was made out of parmesnana! they need to make sure everybody who orders it knows that! ohh well. today. we went shopping at the galleria. and my mom had this nordstroms giftcard so she went to go use it. and i came toooo. we went to the makeup counter and she had some freakishly long conversation with this weird lady about face creams. sooo me and my sister sat on the chairs seeing who could hold their breath for the longest time. sooooo after like a BAGILLION hours... my mom was like "omg grace come over here and she will put some makeup on you" well... i doubt she said omg. but ohhh wellllll.
soo that freaky lady put makeup on me. and i walked out of the store looking like a clown. heehee. :D
uhh uhh uhhhhhh. welllllll dassss all for nowww!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

hey hey yall :]

heyy. i just found out my password after about the 30th try soo im happy right now! my cousins just left dallas, and theyre going back to ohio :/ dang. im gonna miss them being here. they are so fun to be around!! well. christmas was offff the heezyyyy! haha. i love saying that :D and i got alot of awesome stuff!! we had our monarchs partyy which was... uhmm. okay. but it was fun cuz the girls are amazing! we walked to the ymca and had a partayy :] well "ever had rice for breakfast" omg katherine... my favvvv cousin. that was hilarious. "YOUR MOMS PRETTY" uhmm. wow... good insult :] lol. well. im just sitting round here tonight. this is like the boringest night of my winter vacation. but thats okay. im talkin to people on aim andddd they are fun. omg just 4 more days till school. yikesss. we are supposed to have been writing in our writers notebooks for the past like 4 months. and ive only had 4 entries. sooooo. i = dead by my english teacher!! well byee. and remember... IM A GIRL HEAR ME ROAR!! hahaha. meredith and laura :D love yallll.. goodnight <33

Thursday, December 6, 2007

wowwww therr

teehee. well. i havnt wrote in like forever because i forgot my pw!!!
ohkayy. soo anyways. im like supposed to be doing my stinky english poem thing rite now but watevrr.
talking to whoever is reading this is soo much better!
well. im like not into fashion.
sooo ya. this isnt gonna be like a fashion block or watever.
well. rite now. im like kinda on a break from softball. (btw. i play like select)
its perty cool because we won nationals last year in illinois!! yahh bayybee!!
okayy. so i guess yu like dont know anything about me because like. i havnt done anything.
besides all that stupid stuff like "lax is awesome. softball is awesome. ut is awesome. dont hate. ahaha."
somepeople say i have a high voice. but ya. i guess i kinda do. its kidna like im on helium. && i lovee in weird voices. uhh. i dont like it when my sisterspies on me
which is like all the tiem!!!
and ugg!!!
well dats me 444 now
my momma is gettin mad at me for doing this instead of homeworkk.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

yup yup yup

hi :]

katy- u told me to make this